Custom Live-Streaming Solutions for OTT & IPTV Providers

OTT platforms were on the rise & COVID has pushed their Growth through the rough. As the number of such platforms is rising, so is the competition. So if you want your OTT or IPTV platform to survive, it's imperative to have a high-speed & compatible Live-Streaming solution.

At JLComm, we offer highly affordable & top-quality live streaming & installation services for businesses worldwide. We have extensive experience in broadcast production & live streaming to help you serve better content efficiently to your viewers. We constantly innovate & work on our strategies while working with different technologies & industries for better results.

What do we offer?

Efficient Traffic Management

No matter what country, area, or the region you want to live stream, our efficient traffic management ensures you get the best performance. With our multi-CDN infrastructure, you will be in complete control of affordable & efficient services. You can add any CDN or server for better traffic routing with our custom pack.

Top-notch privacy

We understand the risk of someone illegally using your Content. So we offer you solutions that allow you to prevent unauthorized access to your Content. Moreover, you can create disappearing URLs that expire at the predetermined task, adding an extra layer of security to your live-streaming.

Recording facility

Our Live-streaming solutions also offer an opportunity for you to record live videos. This helps you replay the recorded video as a VOD to your viewers whenever you wish to do so. Enjoy unlimited recording and offer outstanding video viewing services to your viewers once they subscribe to your services.

Delayed Streaming

Want to add some delay to your live-streaming? We have got you covered! Our solutions come with the facility to delay your streaming whenever required. You can add the delay, ranging from seconds to hours, depending on your specific needs & existing laws of the land.

Cloud-based Service

We offer fully cloud-based solutions that enable you to save the record and remove the Content online. With top-notch servers, we ensure you get the best results without any delay or glitches.

Why Choose JLComm?

Content Security

At JLComm, we believe in absolute privacy and Data protection. We value how important the safety of your Content is. Unlike other Streaming services, you can rest assured about your Content's safety and security with us. We offer absolute protection to your Content, ensuring there are zero leaks from our end.

Easy Integration & Deployment

Our systems are designed to be extremely easy to install & efficient to manage. So when you hire us, you can expect an outstanding & quick result from our end. Our experts will help you integrate & deploy streaming solutions effortlessly.

Designed for You

Every platform is different & needs a compelling Live Streaming Platform. We craft our services around your Content, ensuring you get the best possible results.

Tech Support

Live-streaming can be hectic and complex. So we are here to help you out whenever you feel necessary. Our human support team will be on the guard 24x7, ensuring you don't face any issues while dealing with our system.